(A Ridicule) Unfounded Claims about the Problem with Turkana Youth

By Immanuel Lokwei, Long Mouth Social Forum Whenever whips -overlook their inhumane implication for a sec- were used to nudge donkeys forward, there was a perceptual problem that the whip-crackers felt compelled to solve. The urge to respond to the problem served as a reason behind this choice of action. If similar whips were available, … Continue reading (A Ridicule) Unfounded Claims about the Problem with Turkana Youth

Updates- Kapseret Soccer League, 2011

By Protus Kipleting (Notes off the pitch) Ladies and Gentlemen,the 2011 championship has kicked off. The two fortunate teams to open this season were Green Rangers from Chermer Village and St. Joseph Team from Kapseret Village. As it is with upcountry soccer tournaments, there was gallant exhibition of raw talents and authentic passions in the … Continue reading Updates- Kapseret Soccer League, 2011

Tribal Warfare: Thinking Beyond Violence

By Sarah P. Cassel, Co-Editor Long Mouth Social Forum Imagine living your life completely without violence. You life is so devoid of violence that it is some far-off concept that “other people” engage in, but not anyone you know. Imagine never having picked up a gun or machete, never watching life cut short, never being … Continue reading Tribal Warfare: Thinking Beyond Violence

Unconcerned Parties vs Socially Engaged Art

It is only when Art embraces a Cause that the Goals of that particular Cause may elicit an Affective Response from the many Unconcerned Parties. We know who the many Unconcerned Parties are: you and me. This music (below) teaches us one lesson: that the command that music's aesthetics have over our emotions and psyches … Continue reading Unconcerned Parties vs Socially Engaged Art


The committee at the Nomads Artistic Peace Project Award is pleased to present to you this grounded breaking contest. THEME: The aim of this contest is to collect innovative perspectives on the relationship between intra- and inter-ethnic violence, particularly violence connected to cattle rustling, and the Kenyan economy. You may wish to explore such questions … Continue reading NOMADS’ PEACE PROJECT AWARD