The committee at the Nomads Artistic Peace Project Award is pleased to present to you this grounded breaking contest.

THEME: The aim of this contest is to collect innovative perspectives on the relationship between intra- and inter-ethnic violence, particularly violence connected to cattle rustling, and the Kenyan economy.

You may wish to explore such questions as: What is the value of our intra- inter-ethnic relationships? How is our economy impacted by the tragic consequences of local or widespread violence? Should humanitarian crises be weighed in respect to the amount of damage violence imposes on our economy as opposed to on our civil society in order to qualify for attention and response? Your perspectives about Kenyan military action in Somalia are also welcomed, as they undoubtedly shed light on ethnic relationships.You may choose to make use of texts that cover the rich history of the emergence of gun culture and the evolution of intra- and inter-ethnic violence, perhaps focusing on their parallel trajectories and their connection to local and national economies.

We are not looking for any perspective in particular– you have the freedom to interpret this project in any way you see fit, so long as it adheres to the theme.

Good luck on your projects and we excitedly await your submissions.

CONTEST CATEGORY: Well-argued essays, pieces of arts, video (e.g interviewing the victims of ethnic violence), Songs, or generally any profound artistic and scientific reflections on this theme.

LANGUAGE: Though we are not aiming at evaluating each contestant’s proficiency in language, please try to articulate your ideas as clearly as you can. Those comfortable with Swahili should not feel restricted from participating since submissions in both English and Swahili are are accepted.

TARGET GROUP: Kenyan Youths, both affected and aware of tribal atrocities in Kenya (particularly the on-going cattle-rustling saga in Northern parts of Kenya).

AWARDS: First Place- Kshs. 5000

Second Place-  Kshs. 3000

Third Place-  Kshs. 2000

Though these are meager incentives, the point is not to enrich materially but to promote the artistic spirits that we all have.

DEADLINE: December, 3rd 2011

SUBMISSIONS: Send your insightful pieces to the following committee members:

Abaye Steinmetz-Silber-

Jeremy Keim-Shenk-

Immanuel Lokwei-

Sarah Cassel-

Or subscribe and upload your piece.

G O O D                    L U C K                                !!!!

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