Unconcerned Parties vs Socially Engaged Art

It is only when Art embraces a Cause that the Goals of that particular Cause may elicit an Affective Response from the many Unconcerned Parties. We know who the many Unconcerned Parties are: you and me. This music (below) teaches us one lesson: that the command that music’s aesthetics have over our emotions and psyches is, to say the least, great. The Topic of Violence is nothing new to us, but as I listened to this clip, a renewed awareness about the facts of violence presented itself in a potent form so that the whole experience seemed novel and phenomenal. It was as though I have been born for the first time to this world that knows no vocabulary of peace, and I was amazed that this world is real. But this is just one of those instances where art, unlike other media of education, goes beyond its character as a narrative. It not only tells us what is happening but raises our awareness and cosmologically connects us to what is happening.

War is everywhere, violence persists.

We are dying everyday.

Someone help us!!!!!

All you [Government] let us have are Guns, Arrows and Spears…

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