Updates- Kapseret Soccer League, 2011

By Protus Kipleting (Notes off the pitch)

Ladies and Gentlemen,the 2011 championship has kicked off. The two fortunate teams to open this season were Green Rangers from Chermer Village and St. Joseph Team from Kapseret Village.

As it is with upcountry soccer tournaments, there was gallant exhibition of raw talents and authentic passions in the match. Generally, all players did the best they could. Eventually, as the heat of the game intensified, Green Rangers could not help but concede a goal.

Final Score

St. Joseph                     1

Green Rangers            0

One thought on “Updates- Kapseret Soccer League, 2011

  1. Thanks for posting this pircute Shaun! It reminds me of my year in Kenya. I played futbol with the kids every Saturday and we used balled up garbage bags just like these! Fun times. You guys are bringing back a lot of memories from my year there.

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