Waiting for the next “Sankara”

By Immanuel Lokwei, Long Mouth Social Forum It is a week after the 62nd anniversary of the late Thomas Sankara’s birthday. Some of you do not know who this man is. Most of those who do, only know little of his visionary goals, of the redemptive power of his mind, and of the zeal of … Continue reading Waiting for the next “Sankara”

Ethnic violence: more blood shed

As of today [12/28/11], a man and a child have been killed despite security personnel's presence in these villages. NTV report                                                                                                                                                                                                             CitizenTV Three more suspects have been arrested and fire arms recovered in Isiolo following an attack by cattle rustlers over the weekend that left more than 10 people dead. However, a planned peace meeting … Continue reading Ethnic violence: more blood shed