Ethnic violence: more blood shed

As of today [12/28/11], a man and a child have been killed despite security personnel’s presence in these villages.

NTV report                                                                                                                                                                                                            


Three more suspects have been arrested and fire arms recovered in Isiolo following an attack by cattle rustlers over the weekend that left more than 10 people dead. However, a planned peace meeting by area Member of Parliament Mohammed Kuti was disrupted by angry residents, who demanded the sacking of the area district commissioner, claiming he had failed to provide security for the residents.

Between 12/24/11 and 12/26/11

While you are celebrating, others are mourning. All these crueities happened between Christmas eve and boxing day! Villages affected are in Turkana and Isiolo districts.

Loupe Peter via Facebook

Today lorogon village is living in agony due to the loss of one innocent person killed by pokot bandits from kaarun.may God rest his soul in eternity.

Tension was high in Isiolo for the better part of the day after four people were killed in an attack by raiders. The four were shot after armed raiders struck a Manyatta making away with 700 goats and 300 camels. Area residents say the government is not taking the security situation in the area seriously.

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