Making Peace with These People [Pokots] is A Waste of Time

By Ekal Imana,
(Criticism of “Turkanas for Pokots Liberation: De-Domesticating Pastoralism” article)

Are you a Turkana or a pokot dressed in Turkana skin? Your suggestion makes sense, but, I wonder how old you are, and if young, where you have been in these years the pokots have been attacking Turkana with abandon?
1. For as long as I remember, the pokots, like their cousins the marile have been the enemies of Turkana. In the years when spears and arrows were prevalent, we beat them and forced them come beg for peace. The kind-hearted Turkana always accepted the request and signed a peace agreement. Guess who broke the peace? Always the pokots!! The marile behave in the same way. If you knew this, you would agree that trying to make peace with these people is a waste of time. They will attack the next morning.

2. You claim the pokots are oppressed, who oppressed them? You rightly said they had a head-start in getting advantages from the government, especially during the moi era. So, who has oppressed them? When moi was president, he sent the army to disarm the Turkana many times, but never the pokots. As a result, the pokots kept their arms while we got disarmed. That is why the pokots today have an upper hand over us militarily. The pokots are not oppressed by us. They oppress us!!

3. When counties were listed from the richest to the poorest, pokot county was above us, we are dead last. We are the poorest, not the pokots. Today, because of the relentless attacks, pokots are making us poorer and poorer by the day. They want to take away our animals so we can go to famine camps while they move in to occupy our lands. Tell them to stop attacking us.

4. The pokots have come up with maps that claim, half of Turkana is theirs. I grew up in Lorengkipi and Loya. Today, the pokots claim half of Turkana south and west, including Lokori, lokichar, Kaalengorok, through Namorupus, and Wurum. Everything above that line I have tried to draw, kaatilo, juluk, Nakwamoru, Kaaputir, Kainuk, Lochwakula etc. all belong to pokot county. With this pokot is now the largest county in Kenya. The land that we normally call Kamatak, is all now pokot!! How is that? How are you going to justify that?

5. You say that the pokots are oppressed. I beg to differ. The Turkana gave up part of their country in names like kaacheliba, Loroo, Amudat, Nawoyaapong etc. to the pokot. This was accepted and new boundaries were drawn as seen today in government offices as administrative boundaries of respective districts. While that is clear, both in pokot district and Turkana district, why now do the pokots claim part of Turkana is theirs? Don’t see you the intentional aggression here? With this intentional aggression, where will peace come from?

6. In the recent past, while the pokots have been attacking the Turkana on a daily basis, the Turkana have made puny attempts to appease their tormentors by offering them peace. This was unusual. The Turkana never went to the pokot to beg for peace, but this time they did!! They tried at Kitale, Lorokon, Namorupus, Lorengkipi, Lobey etc. In each case, the pokots said openly, they did not want peace with the Turkana, they want the Turkana to vacate their lands, something they now call Kaarun- if you know Kiturkana, you know what that means!! So, what peace are you talking about?

7. In 1982, I was stationed at Ortum high school [in Pokot county] after Ejore chased me from Lodwar high school. I taught mathematics and physics to pokot students in Ortum. The two brightest boys in my class were called Lonyangapuo and poghisio. Guess what, these are the two boys that are now arming and encouraging their people to continuously harass the Turkana and chase them away from their lands. You mentioned education, do you know that Lonyangapuo has a Ph.D in mathematics? I lighted a spark in his life. Yet, he and poghisio, my two brightest boys are behind the hostility that has become so rampant now. So, as some people said, a kalenjin is a kalenjin, no matter how educated they may be. The same applies to the pokots. Pokots are pokots regardless of the amount of education they may have. So, you tell us how we can liberate these people of yours.

P.S. –

…I would like Lonyangapuo and Poghisio [Pokots] to get in this debate. They need to know   the same teacher that served them so well, and helped to model them into the men they are today, is still here and so disappointed that the boys he spent so much time teaching and guiding, have turned out to be the most vicious beings on the face of the Earth. I expected them to remember that Turkana teacher, how nice and hardworking he was, and know that the Turkana are not terrible creatures to be exterminated from the Earth, but nice, gentle, intelligent people, that need to be respected and left alone to live their life in Kenya and peacefully coexist with its neighbours…

18 thoughts on “Making Peace with These People [Pokots] is A Waste of Time

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  2. the pilot turkana issue is just like cancer cells on living tissue. serious measures ought to be taken to control it. noise wouldn’t help!

  3. Wow,
    I am impressed by the words of the writer. First, my home is Churo in East Pokot, my grandfather was a Turkana and my grandmother Pokot, my father was a kikuyu. So, i guess i have Turkana, Pokot and Kikuyu blood, but that is beside the point through. Back in 1992, i was probably 6 years old, we were forced to live in the bush for fear of being struck by relentless Turkana bandits who had razed havoc in Orus, and killed 20 year old missionary boy. Growing up, i would hear horrible stories of Turkanas raiding Pokots, butchering their women in cold blood, they got guns first anyways, that meant they had an upper hand. However, firearms started streaming from the Somalis to Pokots, and we were back on, kicking ass like never before.Then came Lopurkoyan, famously known as the chief of the cattle. This Turkana guy didn’t have respect for boundaries, and claimed to move all the way to Louniek, hell no, we refused. He ended up fleeing away for his life, never to be seen again, and his life too was never the same. In a nutshell, i found Turkanas to be more provocative than their counterparts, but recently that has tilted towards Pokots, and for sure we are the aggressors. I guess someone has to pay up for all those years he has been winning, as nature tries to balance again.

  4. Hei pokots, you should be ashamed of yourselves. There is nothing you are bragin about, nothing. Your entire life is fully dependent on the Turfkana. Once you see resources in Turkana you are quick in claiming parts of Turkana. You started when Turkwell Gorge was completed and you managed because you had one of your own to siupport you fully, the moi. Then you came when the geothermal plant was to be established in Silale and now you have claimed and you managed as well because pogisio and lonyangapou are behind. Currently, you are claiming Ngamia 1. Shama, shame, Pokots, together with your leaders. You are just fighting a loosing battle. I want to assure you pokots that you will suffer for the rest of your lives. You are just nothing. You even have Turkana blood and not pokot. You have nothing of your own to brag for.

    1. Pokots are the most peacefull people, please come out off your dreams and visit pokot land and you will find many turkanas leaving in peace with us in Aramaket,kacheliba,lomut,chepareria. Are you aware that turkana man wants to be counciller in kapenguria ward? is this posible in lodwar? dont be tribal.

  5. Hey
    Majority of your statement are are baseless, turkana normally raids pokot but only pokots goes their to return their stolen animals, no pokot leader is engaged in provisions of arms even they are the one who encourages peace amongst our communities.
    turkanas are known of ever reporting even when they themselves have raided pokot and claim that pokot have been raided, pokot currently luck leaders to report that and most of the time being harrased by you people.
    in 1984 pokot lost it’s people due to the operation and it was error of moi then why do you say that moi supported us? We are facing double disarmament from both Kenya and Uganda so currently we don’t have no guns in our hands our people or if they are their it has reduced by three quarters
    please Mr. There is a need for peace, and what belongs to turkana should be for turkana and for pokot should be for pokot, let’s use legal ways to resolve issues of land but not by fire as you know we will loose our relatives

  6. I think this Turkana who claims to have thought Prof Lonyangapuo and hon Poghisio was drunkard when he was writting this post. This is a pure incitment which might create tension between the two communities.

    1. Lokona Iyong’a….wee you come to kapeddo n say all thse even in front of your feloow Turkana u will be harassed…dont take peace for granted too many artcles will now bring peace…after most od our people are illiterate…

      1. Iyong’a Mzee, I hope some boy is not pumping(writing) this kindergaten politics to ur big heads in Maths n Physics…u are polarising the situation.Come to village my brother married Chepokaleso from Lokichar n they happy and we atimes travel there and make peace with the Turkanas we meet..U may say in 9999 words but u need to change your mind set first… from the tone of posting you are a WAR monger or a politician.Pokots do not delimit boundaries headed by one of your own why didn’t you register your selfish interest then. kama wewe ni mwalimu wa kutoka 1982 please approach ur old age with PEACE and preach PEACE.

  7. Ur inconsistency and lack of knowledge of kenya’s tribes makes me doubtful of ur intention.ought to knw that there is no tribe by the name marile and that pokots at one time saw hell with their own eyes in the hands of say that only turkanas were disarmed is a total form factual phobia of absolute truth.may i ask the kind land u think pokots disire to take 4rm turkanas?worthless stones,waterless and above all complete’s only a mediocre that can think that a pokot who has now advanced intellectually can fight 4 mere fruitless land and a dilapidated state of cattles.come back and see the changed world of west pokot and compare with ur county,dont employ defence mechanism insead of changing 4 the better brother.

    1. Kiprop, I am sure you av just woken from a deep sleep. If Turkana was rocky and worthless, your useless people wouldn’t have annexed it from all sides. In fact you are wasting time and you are saying nothing. Turkwell has been annexed to pokot north, Amolem annexed to pokot central and Kapedo division has been annexed to pokot erast. What are you saying? You are not even aware of the IEBC report on boundaries? You are in Kenya and you don’t even read news? I will be reading for you.

  8. I beg to differ, I TOTALLY disagree with your allegations. You are merely inciting these communities.

    STOP mentioning and trying to destroy the reputation of our leaders, and more particularly LONYANGAPUO. Lets co-exist as neighbours n all is well. I too worked in LODWAR n KAINUK till late last year, thank God I survived all the time. I’ve got friends n relatives in Turkana, very close ones

  9. This is utter nonsense fo EKAL IMANA to purport turkana r the victims. I beg to differ; 1. First the issue of cattle rustling is not confined to any one community, infact recently there was an a recorded interview of turkana morans going fo cattle raids to get animals fo pride price and it was all over the news. 2. U also said there was no operations to mob up illegal weapons in pokotland which is not true, there were numerous operations in 1978,79,81,84etc remember KOLOWA MASSACRE? 3. Being te poorest county is the mistakes of pokot, try to work hard n stop laziness of sleeping under trees te whole day while other men in other counties are sweating to make wealth! 4.Concerning land its true turkana chased away pokot during numerous raids n r seating on our land and now its time u vacate pokot ancestral land. This is NON NEGOTIABLE! 5. U said u taught poghisho n prof lonyangapuo, so what? Wasn’t U doing ua work? Do u want them to kneel fo u? How many pokot teachers r teaching turkana schools?, i know of so many bt they r doing their work! Brother dont stock hatred let us embrace peacefull coexistence amongst our people n always preach unity. Thax!

  10. What are you talking about how many turkanas ave been our harders….by the morning they are gone with households shame..,you are now talking of boundaries when already the oil was long gone 1963 n you were busy forcing pokots to their knees now you thnk thngs are ok pls kindly consult with the pokots on how to get your oil back acha vita nway we can realy fight a honest war without bloodshed n i promise you’l never win ths try elsewhere

    1. Cheptulel, have you ever coocked your delicious meal? Do you consult your neighbour when the meal is ready so that he gives you an okay to continue serving that meal with camel meat soup? If you av ever, we are not the kind of such. I want to assure you that we will neveer consult the pokot in life even if you get support from the government. Instead we shall tackle you squarely.

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