Turkana-Pokot Conflict is a One-Sided Aggression: The Pokots always attack, while the Turkanas are Unresponsive

By Ekal Imana,

I do not know if you understand the nature of the current insecurity problem. If you do, you should then know that the problem is unidirectional, it starts from pokot and ends in Turkana. It is the pokot who are attacking unresponsive Turkanas. The Turkana no longer attack back. The pokots come, attack, kill, and drive away the animals. The Turkana do not respond anymore. This is like a man that has been hit, hurt, and unresponsibly lying down. It seems senseless to keep on hitting a man that is lying down and unresponsive. So ask the pokot, why do they keep on attacking, the Turkana have been defeated and given up? But if you read some of the chatter in pokot facebook cites, you should have read statements like this, “Why should we let the Turkana sit on all those billions of shillings from the oil?” The pokot also claim the Turkana have taken some pokot lands, this, while the pokot know where the pokot/Turkana border is. So when you look at all this, you realize that the pokots are purposely aggressive and trying to force themselves on Turkana land and resources. With this purposeful aggression, shouldn’t you be working with the pokot to convince them to stop their aggression? As soon as the pokots stop attacking, the problem of insecurity will immediately disappear, just like that. The way I see it, you are trying to make a one-sided aggression a two-group problem. It is not. It is one-sided, pokots attacking docile and unresponsive Turkanas.

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