Music as an Alternate Necessity in Violent Times

Some think the best way to be safe from terror is to be terror itself… But other avenues, positively humane and actually contributing less (to say the least) to the evolving continuum of violence, are possible. It is really strange that while other people engage with music for purposes of having fun and great times (Spring Fling’s around the corner for Wesleyan Kids), other people (unfortunate) really need it for survival. “If they took Music away from me, it would be as if they took a piece of my life, maybe i’d be using drugs, I don’t know, looking for something to do!”

Full story and clip at BBC News (CLICK HERE)!!!

2 thoughts on “Music as an Alternate Necessity in Violent Times

  1. We the elites of Turkana and Pokot have gone to school and we really know the value of somebody life, my quiz and worry is why are we the one igniting and supporting the same adamant,arrogant, uncouth and animalistic kind of behavior?. I swear one day one will be answrable to the loss of lifes of our own brothers. Let us open our eyes and feel them well.

    1. tell me my brother, why is it MPigs from these rigeon, whenever a tragedy of this magnitude happens they always come on TV to say it was a political thing, that an political enemy planned it. Now Munyes is saying that it is political since voters registration is abt to start. Remember the smiling Godana from the Tana delta busy talking abt his political enemy as 100 of constituents r butchered by Pokomo raiders. What is? it with these morons, everything is politics.

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