Pokot-Turkana Land’s Court Case

By Rodney Emase,

I pity myself when I will be waking every morning to read in papers that the Pokots are claiming that where I am staying is their land. That from Kainuk to Kalokol is their ancestral land and that we Turkanas should be living at the other side of the Lake Turkana.

They claim that the Oil land at Ngamia 1 is theirs. I wonder why during all these time, before Oil was discovered there has never been a complain of boarders and boundaries between us and them (Pokot). I am left with no doubt that there are other interests and hidden suspicions that might soon crop up, that is jealousy, and enmity which have been part of us for long.

I want us to be told what they really want from us, we have never by any chance said that Kapenguria, Chepareria the most productive land in Pokot land belongs to us. Even as the name suggest “kape ngoria” “go ngoria” [sounds like Turkana name] we have kept quiet as always not to claim what other human beings like us have lived for long. Why haven’t we said that Naro Moru in Nyeri County belongs to us as the name is from Turkana dialects “flat plains from the mountain’”? Is it because we are cowards or are that we love peace so much? I can’t understand what this Pokot want from us really.

I urge the Chief Justice Dr. Mutunga to be of great help in this matter and provide justice where its due. There are reports already that the Pokot professionals are already celebrating that the case is a win to them. Should we say that there are some fishy things going round? Where is the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) on this? We gave you our maps that read on the same script which you provided, but you ignored and went ahead to gazette boundaries that do not exist on the ground, are you insinuating that the Pokots own the land or what?

I want us be told in black and white what is cooking, hoping that Isaac Hassan and Dr. Mutunga are getting me right, we wont accept anything less of Kachileba that they claim its theirs anymore.

We are bracing ourselves for the battle, tupatane kotini [Literally:Let’s meet in Court]

Mungu tusaidie waturkana [God Help the Turkana]

2 thoughts on “Pokot-Turkana Land’s Court Case

  1. Emase, there is nothing we are begging for from Mutunga or issac. issac will even annex more Turkana land to pokot. We want what is ours to be given back to us. No compromise here.

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