Wind Power in Turkana? You Are Dreaming

By Samuel Kablit,

I write this with a lot of pain in my heart, knowing that marginalization is still part of us Turkana people. We have never been recognized as part of Kenyans who give tax just like any other Kenyan, who host refugees in Kakuma; and the world only know that “Kenya” is hosting refugees. The Turkana who are accommodating other tribes doing business, schooling, working freely in Turkana from other parts of Kenya with peace.

I still believe that it shall take ages before recognition of the Turkana people is realized. We shall always be sidelined by Kenya in all matters, not employment, not education, not resources, not roads, not electricity, not safe and piped water, not proper security.

One such case is the Wind Power that was scheduled to be put near Lake Turkana. I just realized and read in 12th June, 2012 paper that the Government is unwilling to purchase power from the Firm putting up the resource in Turkana. This is an indication that the government is not ready to empower Turkana County economically.

The cost of putting up the Power Resource is much moiré than what the firm intends Kenya to purchase the power at (very cheap). The world bank which was the main funder couldn’t agree with the Kenyan government on the purchase agreement that gives them the basis to believe Kenya will be able to Pay back the loan extended to them.

I therefore call upon us to stand up to this occasion and tell the government that they should not deny us that chance that could have created Job opportunities to close to 200,000 youths out there, open good roads in the county, promote and empower economic activities and to even make “Turkana a part of Kenya”

All I know is that the government has shifted all its attention to the recently acquired Oil at Ngamia 1. Don’t you see that one is a reserve that may soon be exhausted and may come to extinct? Rather than the wind power which shall always be constant at whatever times. Try to prioritize issues and you shall see how important it shall be to invest much on the Wind Power.

I therefore call upon the Minister for Energy to consider this case, our plea, with seriousness, that if at all you care for Turkana people, then make haste to make sure that the Wind Power comes into an idea of this time, do not delay it please, I mean where does our taxes go to? Use those monies, the taxpayers’ money (and mind you the Turkana have always contributed a lot to this fund), to purchase the Wind Power please.

Where are our MPs? Do they really see what I am saying here? Are they up to the task of representing our issues at those levels? Please make sure that this Project doesn’t go out of our hands.

Akuj Topia Ngiturkana, (God Bless the Turkana) Amen!


2 thoughts on “Wind Power in Turkana? You Are Dreaming

  1. With reference to the comment by my learned From Turkana, Sanwel Kablit, I want to thank him for bringing the Turkana Communities woes to light in respect of the huge resources that the North of Kenya has to offer to both Turkana, samburu and marsabit counties. I am a Samburu from south Horr in marsabit county and I comment on behalf of all the communities in both Marsabit and samburu counties regarding the question raised in 12th June 2012 that the government is unwilling to purchase power from lake Turkana Wind power project . Being based in south Horr we have personally seen the lake Turkana wind power team visiting the area over the last 7 years, measuring wind speed , employing security guards , opening up to 100,s of kilometers of roads and thereby employing 700 over these time.coupled with this we have been involved their community meetings finding out what are the woes of the people’s and how they can help in the respect of CSR ( corporate Responsibility program )which is there to give back to the communities . We have learnt that the project will rebuild access roads to bring in there equipment to build the wind farm at their own cost because the GOK does not have the budget for the same, these alone will open up the Northern Kenya area and allow better trade and possible future for investors. We have learnt the Lake Turkana wind power team and have come to a conclusion that the project will only bring good to the marginalized areas that have been neglected by the GOK for many years. Now we read that the GOK is not willing to purchase the power from there private investors .we ask you , the Gok WHY WHY….? When an opportunity like this exists and it is on a golden plate , you would turn you back on the same and let approximately 18 million people remain with NO hope of being assisted ?????? As the communities are concerned , we would like to see this project materialize Immediately as it gives us hope and jobs, education , food , water, and better life which is more than can be said for how we are treated today . I would like to add that in nation newspaper of 20th June 2012 on page 12 ( jkisero@ke. I. Noted the heading. ..WE MAY HAVE TO WAIT LONGER FOR CHEAP POWER IF THE FINANCiES HAVE TO WAIT …….upon reading this article which is specific to the Ethopian transmission line for Kenya to import I ask WHY do we need to import power when we have such rich resources on our door step and all come from the North of Kenya with WIND in Marsabit County and OIL / GEOTHERMAL in Turkana County . I come to the conclusion from the stated article that the problem here is World Bank conditions and not necessarily the investors or financiers and we believe the same possibly what is happening to Lake Turkana wind power project .Therefore on behalf of the Samburu, Turkana and all the communities in Marsabit county we ask the GOK , ministry of Energy , ministry Finance, and Kenya Power please not be blinded by “Red Tep” of outsiders and see what is good for the great Nation of Kenya to achieve 2030 Vision to benefit the communities and the Country . Stakwel Yurenimo

  2. Fair note. GoK can tell us the rationale for declining to purchase ‘clean’ power? How about we ask them to collapse the Turkwel Gorge HEP in preference for the wind power? that could release river Turkwel water downstream! Still a lot of red tape on lots of information so useful for citizens to be empowered and participate in making decisions! ‘Not yet UHURU’

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