By Kablit Kiu,

I recently visited a school in North Turkana, Kaeris Primary School, and I was shocked by the state that our girls are in. Some of these girls were using old clothes, blankets, old mattress pads and even leaves when attending classes to be safe during their menstrual periods. There is stigmatization; some people view the menstrual flow as a disease. This has great affected these poor girls. Some would sometimes miss school for fear of being associated with such ‘bad omen’. And when they cannot take any more humiliation, they go or rather are forced to leave school for good.

The government is supposed to provide for these schoolgirls with Sanitary Pads. But as it as been so far, these girls have never seen not a single pad. I don’t know what to say. The schools are supposedly supplied with hygienic materials for girls, but I believe there must a loophole somewhere if this is really the case. I want to tell the government that, if they actually send these supplies to schools, they never reach these poor girls.  Something is not happening somewhere. Someone is either pocketing the money allocated for buying these hygienic materials or someone is actually hijacking and selling these pads for personal gain. The girls are left hopeless and the consequences are really heart breaking.

Please we at Long Mouth Social Forum ask that we come together to help our forsaken sisters. Not only just helping but also making sure that even if we donate a small amount to this cause that our generous donations actually reaches these poor girls. Please let us provide the pads for the girls who can’t afford them. We call upon you, beloved friends, to donate to this cause either in kind or buying the sanitary pads.

For more information on how you can help, please contact either Kablit Samuel Kiu via email at sam09_kiu@hotmail.com or phone at (+254) 712846194, or you can contact Immanuel Amojong Lokwei via email at ilokwei@wesleyan.edu or phone at (+1) 8608340495. We can also be reached thru Skype and facebook at kablitkiu or ilokwei, and Kablit Kiu Sam or Immanuel Amojong Lokwei respectively. Immanuel Amojong Lokwei can also be reached via PayPal, email address ilokwei@wesleyan.edu. Please let’s join hands and see how much we can do. Our girls need us. Thank You!!!

[1] Happy Schoolgirl Initiative


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