Conflict: At least 48 people killed in Kenyan tribal clashes – Deutsche Welle News

“It is a very bad incident …. [The dead] include 31 women, 11 children and six men,” said Joseph Kitur, regional deputy police chief of the rural Tana River district where the violence took place.

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“There have been problems simmering for a while … About 10 days ago three Pokomo were killed by the Orma community,” said Mungatana. “In revenge, the Orma raided villages occupied by the Pokomo and burnt down more than 100 houses. Now the Pokomo have once again revenged by killing about 50 people. These are purely revenge attacks.”

One thought on “Conflict: At least 48 people killed in Kenyan tribal clashes – Deutsche Welle News

  1. i understand in a dccemraoy d consequences of breakin d law r dictated by d law, not by d emotions of its supposed enforcers. if it is about? findin d culprits, trying dem n punishing dem: NO PROBLEM! That wd b perfect! Prob is: most o d time dat’s not what happens. D raiders r not takin any1 hostage. D hav long dispersed n r difficult 2 track ina vast bushland w ppl knowin askaris as bullies who when dey r angry n cant get’em, dey beat d innocent. Dis is not d law. But d reality. N MPs know dat.

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