The Wajir Story: The Power Of A Woman In Ethnic Violence

This is an Inspirational video clip about Wajir’s women Quest for Durable Peace in ethnically torn district of Wajir in Northern Kenya.


Without education you get the cold feeling of ignorance

Oh Men, I have not been able to do my best for poetry,

I don’t know what has gone wrong with me,

I fell ill last night, for my poetry these days is about fire and bullets


I now feel like a storm with thunder and lightening

I feel like a castaway.

I would like to swim across, make it safe for me.


I could be the sun and the stars, if I were allowed

Who shone on the earth in the darkest of night

Without education you get the cold feeling of ignorance.


Now the wind has blown away the shelters

I am trying to relight the candle of education

Join me so that it will cast light all around.





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