By Kablit Samuel,

In another spectacular race to the state house, Prime Minister Raila Odinga has reached out to Eldoret North Member of Parliament William Ruto to discuss possible political re-union. Much of you will remember the severity and political drama that surrounded their fallout.

The two formerly were among the five flag bearers of the famous Pentagon group which was racing to beat the then incumbent Party of National Unity (P.N.U) in the last general elections held in 2007.

In a meeting held by the Rift Valley MPs in a house held on Wednesday Night, the United Republican Leader, Honorable William Ruto, highlighted another proposal he got from The National Aliance Presidential contender Uhuru Kenyatta. Sources have it that that little about the proposal was disclosed and discussed with the MPs.

Sources further report that the URP leader rejected the ODM bid, even after supposition swelled among those who attended that he would ask for a considerably a higher allocation of the Government position in case he was to toggle support to Raila.

The re-union between the ODM and URP parties may not be practical, even so its possibility will still guarantee the two of them reciprocated support from their political constituencies.

Mr. Ruto will be given a free-hand to continue meeting all presidential aspirants seeking a pact with him. In a quote that states they mandated him to do that and that they will meet again to appraise the bid before them and single out a way forward before the deadline scheduled on Dec 4.

The P.M asked Ruto to enter into an accord with him and promised to serve for only one term. The PM seems ready and eager to grant Ruto and his team whatever wish they may put forward, whatever political demands they may want met in their possible future government. Concession, compromise and favors are essential here before any deal can be reached. The Orange Democratic Movement flag bearer (PM) hopes to garner much support from the Rift Valley region in which Ruto is a stronghold.

Ruto told the MPs he met with Kenyatta and received another offer whose details remains undisclosed. On the talks with Uhuru and Musalia Mudavadi, our multiple sources said nothing concrete had been arrived at and that consultations were still underway.

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