1,500 Turkana flee fearing Army Backlash – 37 police officers confirmed killed

Daily Nation News

  • The Baragoi problem began on October 20, when Turkana warriors raided their Samburu neighbours and stole more than 500 cattle and goats. The Samburu struck in a revenge attack and drove away 297 camels.
  • The government responded by sending a contingent of GSU, regular and Administration Police officers, who were ambushed, resulting in the weekend massacre.

4 thoughts on “1,500 Turkana flee fearing Army Backlash – 37 police officers confirmed killed

  1. Here is a great statement from our MPs;
    “Over the last 3 years this country has witnessed massacres of innocent women and children, and of Security personnel in Lokori, Todonyang, Kanampiu and Kainuk etc. The worst of these being the recent Todonyang massacre of more than 50 Turkana women and children by suspected Merrile bandits from a neighbouring Country. We have said time and again, in the past that, this kind of impunity should not be tolerated in a democratic state with an elected President and functioning security apparatus. But it seems our voices have always fallen on deaf ears as minimal action if any has been taken. And when some action is taken it’s just for Public Relations.”

  2. The Baragoi problem did not begin on October 20 2012, it is a long winding story. It is fortunate that one community is using government connections and one isolated unfortunate event to push for eviction of Turkanas in Baragoi

  3. I know the government is very quick in dealing with the Turkana but not their adversaries. Let them first of all return the stollen 297 camels

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