Baragoi Banditry Incident Takes New Twist – There Is More To It Than Meets An Outsider’s Eye!!!

Our internal security apparatus has totally failed… The president must take fully responsibility as the commander in chief for any human rights violations that will be wrought on innocent Turkana people by these KDF (army) forces… We wonder why was the KDF not used when 50 Turkana were massacred by foreigners (Merille from Ethiopia) in Todenyang? – MP Josphat Nanok

The (army) operation in Baragoi is an overthrow of the constitution… The provisions of the national security principles in articles…make it abundantly clear that the role of security organs and agencies will not be used for political interest – MP Ekwee Ethuro

In other News:

While hunting for the deadly rustlers, avoid a second bloodbath in Baragoi – Daily Nation Article (Click link for More Info.)

“Instead of addressing the real issues — political use of police for improper purposes, failure to train and prepare police officers, complete failure of government to interact with pastoralist communities over decades, marginalisation and failure to protect minority rights — the government appears primed to embark on a campaign of oppression in Baragoi.”

“In reality, for many communities, the life of a cow that provides food, building material, and wealth for families is worth much more than the life of an officer of a government that has provided them with virtually nothing.”

Capital FM News:

“They should have engaged the community leaders because we know some of these people so that we come and talk to them and persuade them to return the livestock. But instead they decided to come and surround the village with bombs and surely a responsible herder with small children, women and old people in the village could not take that, that you come in the night to shell a village so they decided they better face them out in the valley,” he (Labour Minister John Munyes) recounted.

One thought on “Baragoi Banditry Incident Takes New Twist – There Is More To It Than Meets An Outsider’s Eye!!!

  1. He the ministers says acow is more important than the life of apolice officer..minister ur adisgrace..ur of the devil.

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