Alice Chai (via TUNSA Group)
1. First, we would like to condole with the families of the more than 40 policemen and other civilians who lost their lives on Saturday, 17th November 2012. We are greatly pained to have lost such a huge number of officers and civilians, all in one incident. Over the last 3 years this country has witnessed massacres of innocent women and children, and of Security personnel in Lokori, Todonyang, Kanampiu and Kainuk etc. The worst of these being the recent Todonyang massacre of more than 50 Turkana women and children by suspected Merrile bandits from a neighbouring Country. We have said time and again, in the past that, this kind of impunity should not be tolerated in a democratic state with an elected President and functioning security apparatus. But it seems our voices have always fallen on deaf ears as minimal action if any has been taken. And when some action is taken it’s just for Public Relations.2. We are equally perturbed at the role played by the Office of the president, more so the Provincial Security and Intelligence Team which is in charge of Internal Security in this matter.

-Local communities in Samburu have informed us that since 27 September, there have been 6 reported cattle rustling incidents where people have lost lives, many injured and a lot of livestock stolen with minimal recoveries. We are perturbed why this information is not coming out in the public and it leaves us wondering if there is a planned cover up.

– Why would ill prepared security personnel be sent to a harsh area that is known to be notorious for cattle rustling and where we have had fatal incidences before?

– What role did the Office of the President play in this? This matter requires further investigation

3. Yesterday, some local newspaper and TV channel allege that some powerful political forces may have forced the hands of senior officers at OP to take a partisan position, hence resulting in the death of many security personnel.
– We are demanding, just like it was done in Tana River County where 9 Policemen were butchered, a judicial Inquiry be constituted. It should investigate this said politician, who from reliable information has very close links with State House and OP and despite being a mere MP has state resources at her disposal including the use of a government Land Rover vehicle KAE 612X. Why would an MP who holds no appointed position in the executive be treated in a more special way???

4. We believe the President, on the ill advice of his close security aide’s who also must be investigated and must step aside, may have erred in authorizing the KDF to conduct operation against the Turkana Community. Right now, KDF forces have been deployed all over Turkana and Samburu County and the local Communities are worried that innocent children, women and youth are going to be tortured. This deployment is ill advised because it is testimony that our internal security apparatus have failed.

– This has been happening while only yesterday an attack on Turkana Manyattas by 100 suspected Pokot raides was witnessed in Longowa, a place near Lokorkor where the Saturday incident took place, and in Lorokon; near Turwkel Gorge in Turkana South District where, 3 innocent civilians were killed, 2 children injured and several goats taken away.

– We are of the view that the President will take full responsibility as Commander in Chief for any human rights violations that will be wrought on innocent Turkana people by his KDF forces. This we are prepared to launch a legal battle at any Court of Justice locally and internationally for we wonder why the KDF was not used when 50 Turkanas were massacred by foreigners in Tondonyang. Why this partisanship?

5. Lastly, the lives and property of every Kenyan Citizen is as important and must be fully protected. We are demanding that the Kenyan Flag be flown at half must in honor of our fallen Security Personnel and other Kenyans. If we can do this for Government Ministers who die, why not for Kenyans who have served their Country diligently?
Signed by:
Hon John Munyes, MP
Minister for Labour and MP Turkana North

Hon Josphat Nanok, MP
Assistant Minister for Forestry and Wildlife and MP Turkana South

Hon David Ekwee Ethuro, MP
MP Turkana Central


  1. Am very huppy with the way our MPs are reacting. Why should the government use exessive force on the Turkana? Instead it should downtruck the culprits. Kenya is always against the Turkana. It is high time thak Turkana should be told to claim their origin and stop thinking that they have equal rights as Kenyans. Even the just ended debate between Hon. Nanok and the police spokes person is already biased in itsef.

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